Featured Classes

Barre, Jazz, and Contemporary

We continue to add to our repertoire, keeping it fresh and fun. Some of the latest styles added are Barre, Jazz, and Contemporary.
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Dancer stretching using a dance Barre.

Our Barre class combines ballet movement with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Combining classic ballet dance moves such as plies, with static stretches, focusing on repetion of small range movements. Barre helps to stregthen and tone muscles without adding bulk.


Jazz dancers.

Our adult beginning Jazz dance class blends dance style with rythmic music. It's a high energy class that provides training in Jazz dance and technique training, including leaps, jumps, and turns.


Contemporary dancer.

Our Contemporary class is catered to beginners and focuses on body alignment, technique, and expressing emotions through dance. The style itself will be a combination of lyrical, modern, and jazz.